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AMRs with payload and towing capabilities
JLC Industrial

JLC Industrial will be sharing Doog’s Thouzer AMRs from Japan. Thouzer AMRs are different from traditional AMRs because they can handle payloads and towing.

Coupled with: simple yet scalable technology; its follow-me, memorized routes and line trace functions; and excellent entry pricing, JLC Industrial asserts that this equipment is exceptionally good value. With the push of a button, the follow-me function causes the solution to follow a human, other ARMs or carts/dollies without a tracker. Similarly, the memory trace function makes it memorize the route, so it can later be played back using the follow-me function or with a joystick. Finally, the line trace function is performed with reflective tape or paint on the floor. These features are helpful during labor shortages and reduce wasteful time walking. According to the company, this and the product’s simple-to-use design can increase fulfillment productivity. It also supports heavy and multiple-load transportation.

“During a trial of our AMR for a group that fulfills orders, we were able to achieve 100% throughput and reduce needed labor by 50%,” commented Jamie Callihan, president of JLC Industrial and JLC Robotics. “When we heard about Package Fulfillment, Logistics and Delivery Expo, we knew we had to share the technology. We're excited to be part of an expo that will have excellent speakers, sessions and products that support overcoming today's challenges.”

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