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EASY-TO-PLACE lockers to help cut emissions
ARKA Industrial Automation

Industrial Autmation’s booth to check out the AK 300-EKO Autonomous Parcel Locker, developed in part as a solution to help cut delivery vehicle emissions, which continue to increase in line with the growth of ecommerce. In fact a recent McKinsey report suggests an increase in the number of delivery vehicles could lead to a 25% increase of emissions in city centers. However, this could be circumvented through the use of autonomous lockers that do not do not require an external power source or an internet connection, thereby allowing courier companies to capitalize on locations with the most potential, rather than only those that can accommodate such infrastructure.

Using photovoltaic panels, ARKA’s parcel machines can operate with autonomy for up to nine years. Moreover, by placing lockers wherever people benefit most, operators bypass the bottleneck of consumer availability, increasing the overall number of delivered parcels. Finally, by having no need of external services, operating costs are much lower comparted to conventional lockers. Businesses can therefore reduce carbon emissions, reach more people, allow consumers to pick-up parcels whenever they are available, and save greatly on costs generated over time.

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