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Smart and secure next-gen mailbox

Dronedek’s patented smart receptacle technology brings peace of mind to the last inch of the last mile for businesses and consumers expecting traditional or autonomous pickups/deliveries. All the value gained through fast, green, convenient and cost-effective delivery strategies can evaporate when your package is compromised. Weather, animals, package thieves and more can befall your packages unless they’ve been safely deposited for you in your next-gen mailbox.

The Dronedek next-gen smart mailbox accepts all types of deliveries and pickups including food, parcels, medical and traditional mail. It utilizes a platform-agnostic approach to consolidate and funnel deliveries from all carriers, couriers and logistics services to set GPS-verified delivery/pickup locations. The versatility of each unit means that it’s compatible with a wide range of delivery services including conventional, autonomous, robotic and drone delivery methods.

The interior cabin is climate-controlled and keeps packages hot or cold as needed based on the delivery/pickup type. An easy-to-use app controls when the mailbox is opened or closed and alerts user(s) to package arrivals/pickups. It also features emergency lighting services, essentially becoming a visual beacon that can alert local response personnel about an address in need during an emergency. The mailboxes can also be used to inductively recharge electric scooters, delivery drones and more.

Many of the challenges faced along the last mile of package delivery routes can be overcome with Dronedek’s smart mailboxes. The company is bridging the gaps between delivery/pickup speed, ordering convenience and package security and consolidating it all into one secure location.

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