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Ergonomic material handling solutions

Tawi provides ergonomic material handling solutions that are designed to create a work environment where lifting is easy and fun.

Tawi’s Mobile Order Picker (MOP) enables free-range lifting in any part of a facility. It is frequently used for order picking, production, palletization and other tasks. The MOP has fork attachments that can support a full pallet, which also ensures mobilization via forklift. Most commonly, it is used to lift boxes, drums or pails up to 79kg. The Easy Reach tool provides an extended arm to create easy lifting in hard-to-reach places. Tawi offers numerous attachments and can be customized to adapt to individual lifting needs. With the MOP, companies can use one person for what used to be a two-person job. That’s the economics of proper ergonomics.

Tawi is a Swedish company with a North American office in Chicago. In 2020, it became part of the Piab Group. Piab is a leader in evolving automation and says, “We believe in an automated world where no resources are wasted and no humans are injured.” Today, Tawi innovates and provides smart ergonomic lifting solutions globally.

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