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Flexible container dumper

Ensign Equipment’s Reliant Container Dumper is an innovative solution for rapidly unloading all types of polybags, envelopes and boxes. At Package Fulfillment, Logistics & Delivery Expo, the company will show how this equipment can be used for moving cargo from carts, hampers and gaylords into manual and automated parcel handling systems.

The dumper’s design means operators can load at ground level with either a pallet jack or a forklift truck and then slowly invert the container to 135° at discharge heights from 122cm to up to 457cm. Automatic controls improve operational efficiency by enabling operators to retrieve additional containers during the unloading process. For over 30 years, Ensign Equipment has been designing and manufacturing custom container unloading solutions for a multitude of industries. Meet Ensign’s sales engineers at the company’s booth to discuss how these solutions can improve the material handling process.

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