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Electromagnetic sortation solution
Century Conveyor Systems Inc

Century Conveyor will display its Lafayette Magnetic Sortation (LMS) system at Package Fulfillment, Logistics & Delivery Expo 2022.

This system from LEI and Century Conveyor Systems uses electromagnetic technology in the form of multiple magnets. Inside the LMS switch, magnetic fields are used to draw the pins and/or bearings of shoes toward the diverging path. As the divert switch uses multi-magnetic technology, the LMS has no moving components, eliminating issues such as high noise levels and wear and tear. The simple, efficient design boosts sortation stability.

With speeds up to 725fpm, this model is designed specifically for high-speed sortation. Sliding plastic shoes gently divert product rapidly when passing over the LMS. The LMS switch can be used in a new system or, with minor adjustments, as a drop-in unit in a current Hytrol sortation system.

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