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Digital dashboard for operator peace of mind
Lightning eMotors

Lightning eMotors’ new Glass Cockpit is the newest addition to the company’s commercial electric vehicle fleet. This digital dashboard gives vehicle operators a complete at-a-glance understanding of the past, current and future vehicle status to ensure safe operation, optimize vehicle performance and enhance the driver experience.

The Lightning eMotors Glass Cockpit offers what you would expect in an instrument cluster, such as the speedometer, odometer, lane departure warning, malfunction indicator lights (MIL) and trip meter. This advanced dashboard also provides information critical to electric vehicle operation, such as a power usage meter, state-of-charge gauge, average energy usage for the trip, and more.

Finally, the Glass Cockpit offers past- and future-looking metrics to ensure optimal vehicle usage. The power usage trend visualizes how the driver has operated the vehicle over the last 60 seconds, allowing them to understand how best to utilize both the vehicle acceleration and regenerative braking. The ‘range remaining’ metric utilizes past driver behavior and machine learning to present an accurate estimate of how much range remains given the current battery power, resulting in reduced range anxiety.

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