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Material handling conveyor

At Package Fulfillment, Logistics & Delivery Expo, Dorner will present its new release, the 3200 material handling industrial workhorse. The 3200 material handling conveyor is expected to better serve the logistics and e-commerce industry by providing an economical painted-steel frame paired with Dorner’s commitment to precision conveyance. It is ideal for applications where accuracy is critical, including package labeling, inkjet printing, layer forming and robotic integrations. While similar in specification to Dorner’s original 3200 series, this version has an extensive selection of additional features and benefits, including gearmotor mounting packages and a variety of product guiding options.

Dorner will also show its flagship 2200 XL low-profile industrial conveyor, which now features expanded widths compared with the traditional product series. It is now available with widths ranging from 66-91cm, in 5cm increments. As warehouses look to automate their material handling processes, Dorner expects the 2200 XL to be the perfect fit. The lightweight aluminum frame construction and expanded widths are ideal for automated guided vehicles (AGV) as they enable AGVs to carry heavier payloads. Furthermore, the conveyor can be wider than it is long (for example, 81cm wide by 61cm long), which enables AGVs to dock sideways – ensuring more efficient and quick docking to load/unload packages.

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