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Retrofitted and customized sorting solutions
Engineering Innovation Inc

Engineering Innovation’s LightSort Technology is an automated solution for picking, putting and sorting. With multiple configurations and an easily customizable platform, it can sort everything from small totes up to large gaylords and pallets. Operators can even chain racks together for widespread connected cells. Options such as gravity-fed rollers and label printers for larger-scale operations make it easier to stock, sort returns and bundle parcels. Engineering Innovation’s team is ready to create a system to improve any operation’s sorting capabilities.

Perfect for fulfillment and distribution centers, this technology offers low-level, affordable automation that easily fills the gaps in package distribution and processing operations. The solution boasts increased accuracy, removes the need to look for the correct sorting location and enables data collection across multiple racks and operators. Simply pair a wireless ring scanner or two, scan the barcode and the desired location lights up.

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