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Volume and cost optimization

In its bid to optimize parcel volumes in distribution, MailAmericas finds numerous opportunities to continue innovating while minimizing costs to its clients, and will be presenting its standardized packaging solution and customizable sorting process at the expo.

To achieve better practices in its day-to-day operation, the company looked closely at what happens along the whole cross-border chain. It found that space was often not being fully used, and containers were usually not at their full potential. Furthermore, it was difficult to predict parcel volumes, which was leading to margins of uncertainty. Finally, the company realized that its partners were working with different standards of measurement, which was making it difficult to understand why there were differences in the final costs that were due.

To address these issues, MailAmericas uses standardized packaging to optimize storage space. To accomplish this, in some cases it is necessary to customize the sorting process and provide more personalized treatment of the packages while expediting delivery.

Alongside this, the company works with weekly forecasts for each client. This enables it to coordinate with its air cargo partners and plan each week’s cargo to ensure it will fly in a timely manner. If the forecasts are delayed, the company can transport that volume of cargo in its exclusive containers. This enables it to lock in the costs while making rates more affordable for customers no matter what happens on the operational side.
The measurement of the bags is another important factor to consider. MailAmericas coordinates agreements with its partners that enable it to establish a measurement with uniform standards. This standard ensures that operations at the warehouses are quicker and helps maintain a fair price margin for its services. In other words, the benefits of working with consistent standards and updated information along the whole logistics chain enable MailAmericas to provide high-quality service at an affordable price.

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