Products on Show

HC-Loop crossbelt sorter and HC sliding-shoe sorter

MHS will showcase two of its highly efficient sorters at Package Fulfillment, Logistics & Delivery Expo. The HC-Loop crossbelt sorter, an award-winning solution, is a strong fit for high-capacity operations. It handles a variety of packaging materials and includes an automatic centering feature that precisely locates items in the center of the conveying surface for consistent divert accuracy. This accuracy enables the system to use narrower divert chutes, boosting sortation capacity while maintaining an efficient footprint. A double-cell configuration is also available, specifically designed with the flexibility to handle small items with a single cell or use two cells to handle larger items.

Another award winner, the HC Sorter, provides the fastest speed of any closed-deck sliding-shoe sorter at 3m/second. The equipment can handle products from 0.25-50kg and its narrow slats can cope with everything from polybags to large, corrugated cases. Its modular design and ability to be fitted with single- or double-sided shoes offer easy scalability and configuration to meet operational requirements. A configuration for small parcels is also available.

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