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Bagger machines with sustainable packaging
PAC Machinery

Visitors to the expo will be able to see PAC Machinery's three top-selling automatic bagging solutions designed to reduce shipping costs by right-sizing bags, eliminating excess bag materials and reducing material usage.

PAC Machinery will feature its Rollbag R785 automatic bagger, the R3200XL fulfillment machine and the R3200 fulfillment automatic bagger. The Rollbag R785 is an all-electric, automatic, tabletop, polybagger that operates at up to 40 bags/min, ensuring that machine speed is not the limiting factor in packaging operations. It is engineered to accommodate bags on a roll up to 12in (30.5cm) wide and 20in (51cm) long. The high-power sealing magnet creates hermetic seals in materials up to 5mm thick.

The Rollbag R3200 fulfillment machine is ideal for e-commerce, order fulfillment and distribution facilities that require the highest level of performance in their order fulfillment packaging operations. The standard Rollbag R3200 works with bags up to 16in (41cm) wide and 24in (61cm) long and has a seal bar opening of up to 6in (15cm) with an optional 8in (20cm) opening available. The XL version works with bags up to 22in (56cm) wide and 36in (91cm) long and features a seal bar opening of up to 11in (28cm).

PAC will also be exhibiting its new high-performance, eco-friendly Fiberflex pre-opened paper mailers for automatic bagging, which consumers can recycle curbside. These innovative paper mailers are designed for use on PAC’s bestselling Rollbag automatic bagging machines.

At the expo, PAC Machinery will also have several environmentally friendly bags running on its machines. These are positioned to become the future of packaging, as companies search for more responsible packing options to meet the green requirements that larger fulfillment operations or national retailers may demand.

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