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Collaborative robots
Monarch Automation Inc

High-tech automation component distributor Monarch Automation will highlight the Kassow cobots at the show – powerful, efficient and reliable assistants for SMEs.

The collaborative robots are designed to work quickly, precisely and with high payloads – all with outstanding user-friendliness. A cobot from Kassow Robots is a highly capable team member who is ready to start work on day one: no in-depth programming knowledge is required, just a basic introduction. Monarch Automation says that the cobot soon becomes an indispensable colleague and makes a decisive difference to any company’s team.

These seven-axis cobots are effective and reliable tools for applications in SMEs and will work hand in hand with existing teams. Their user-friendliness makes it simple for anyone to enter the world of collaborative industrial robots.

Kassow’s robots are built for the challenges of day-to-day work – for constantly changing tasks and for the power, speed and user-friendliness that customers are looking for in manufacturing. Monarch Automation has a complete engineering staff that can integrate these cobots for specific applications to make companies more competitive and their teams’ lives easier.

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