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Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions will present three of its solutions at Package Fulfillment, Logistics & Delivery Expo 2022 – its two-way radio gear, body-worn cameras and dash cameras.

Motorola Solutions TLK radios offer unlimited nationwide range because they don’t rely on line-of-sight radio signals. They are designed to protect employees and manage delivery fleets. Users can operate the optional dispatch console to view real-time GPS location and location history, and access recordings of conversations from all their devices from anywhere via a PC or tablet.

Motorola Solutions body-worn cameras offer a new perspective when it matters most. They can ensure the safety of delivery teams with full HD recordings even in low-light conditions. The first-person perspective validates employee integrity and accountability while acting as a deterrent from attacks.

The newest addition to the company’s offerings, the CarMate DC5000A dash cameras, offer 360° field-of-view with a fixed front view at a higher resolution. Operators can capture video from inside the cab and eliminate blind spots while monitoring GPS location and vehicle speed simultaneously. The impact recordings and parking options can also prevent vehicle break-ins or theft when unattended.

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