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Herbert ten Have

Herbert is an innovative business leader with more than three decades of experience in building high-tech products and services. He has held leadership positions ranging from product and marketing manager to international sales and marketing director. As a serial entrepreneur, Herbert has successfully founded and run several high-tech companies. He effortlessly rides the wave of inherent challenges that come with technology and loves sharing his expertise. As CEO of Fizyr, Herbert is committed to building the best vision software product to enable Fizyr’s partners to provide cutting-edge robotic picking solutions for the logistics industry.


Robotic induction of parcels and label detection for smart packaging

Autonomous picking of parcels from bulk is Fizyr’s specialty, successfully performed for years. From white-on-white small envelopes and letterbox parcels to big boxes and overlapping bags of 32kg, we robustly detect non-conveyables, find the labels and place them correctly on the infeed of any sorter. Thanks to our deep learning algorithms, we can even pick directly from 3D bulk on a conveyor.