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J P Thorpe

J P Thorpe is responsible for leading solution development for BlueCrest’s global parcel sortation business. He has driven the implementation of a wide variety of automated sortation solutions to global postal providers and private organizations. His industry knowledge brings constant innovation to parcel sortation solutions needed in response to the continuous growth of e-commerce parcel volume.


E-commerce has evolved – the intersection between WMS and sorter automation

Fulfillment and third-party logistics providers are looking to counter the rising costs of labor and carrier rate hikes while gaining more control over delivery timeframes and visibility. There are opportunities to accomplish both in the last mile, but one main consideration is the operational complexity of adding new data flows, processes and reporting. Sorter automation can apply shipping business logic independent of the warehouse system, using data output from the WMS for the collection of parcels, to sort items into an optimized workflow, including labeling and manifest preparation.