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John Callan

Based on early entrepreneurial success, followed by 30 years of senior corporate leadership experience in the global postal-parcel-logistics space, John established Ursa Major Associates as an independent strategy consultancy in 2001 with a mission to help clients across the entire delivery ecosystem develop and execute bold strategies for growth. Aware that transformational trends are rapidly reshaping the industry, John delves for insights into the forces that are driving change, and keeps a keen eye out for technological applications that will lead the way.


Crossing the Threshold – Getting the Goods into the Customers’ Hands

5-10 minute intro about the problem of “porch piracy,” its high cost to industry, merchants, service providers and negative impact on customer experience (CX); and the need to actually get the goods into the customers’ hands Panel of up to 4 experts in criminology, security technology and product design will analyze challenges and propose new solutions Interactive session with lively discussion