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Amir Khaleghi

Amir Khaleghi is the founder and CEO of Curbhub, a boston-based transportation tech company with a proprietary routing and scheduling technology that enables collaborative multimodal last mile delivery. Amir has over 14 years of experience in various supply chain and logistics roles and before Curbhub led category operations and strategic finance teams at Wayfair. Given his experience with building integrations with local delivery service providers, crowdsourced delivery platforms, and autonomous delivery fleets to drive efficiency in the last mile, Amir will be sharing thoughts on the operational, security and information flow challenges of operating a multiplayer transportation system, as opposed to a monolithic transportation system like Amazon's where a single entity owns and oversees the process end to end. He will also talk to the implications of providing increased visibility to customers, and the potential customer expectation challenges that shippers and logistic service providers should have in mind as they determine the level of visibility they can realistically afford to offer to customers.


“Connecting the Dots” – Providing Full Supply Chain Visibility

5-10 minute intro about the challenge of providing full visibility to all parties of parcel movement along the entire supply chain Panel of up to 4 experts will analyze technical challenges, examine state-of-art methodoligies and propose new solutions Interactive session with lively discussion