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Irina Filippova

Irina Filippova serves as Chief Operating Officer at Electrada, LLC, an electric fuel company providing EV “charging as a service” to fleets and drivers across the US. Over the course of two decades, Irina has been driving transformational change in the energy sector as a strategic and operational leader. Working with BP’s executive leadership, Irina held strategy roles in upstream and downstream businesses, and in corporate mergers and acquisitions. Transitioning from conventional to renewable energy portfolio, Irina led the launch of BP’s pioneering green energy innovation project Helios House in Los Angeles. She subsequently served on the founding management team of UK’s premier sustainability startup 2degrees, and as director of a solar portfolio investment firm Venetos in Switzerland. Most recently, Irina led senior leadership transformation in Kuwait’s oil sector. Irina holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and an MPA and B.A. in political science from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.


Startup pitches

• Five or six startups present their solutions • Pitch about five minutes followed by Q&A (five minutes) with a small expert panel (about three industry experts such as heads of innovation, strategy or operations • Interactive session with lively discussions