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Jan Zizka

Jan Zizka was born with pliers and a battery in his hands. He added math and coding to his toolbox, earned his PhD, and ended up at MIT playing with cameras, optics and algorithms. When he realized that he didn't need to sleep, he co-founded the 3D vision company Photoneo with 3 priorities in mind: automate, automate, automate. Knowing there was more progress to be made with these priorities, Jan added mobile robotics, robotic picking and fulfillment software to his workbench to start BRIGHTPICK. Jan can now really focus on those three priorities and one more - to have fun!


7 factors to consider before implementing e-commerce automation

With Covid accelerating the shift to e-commerce by five years, automation has gone from a 'nice to have' to a 'must have'. There are now countless approaches to e-commerce automation, each having advantages and disadvantages based on the characteristics of each fulfillment or distribution center – one size definitely does not fit all. Attend this session to learn about how factors such as implementation time, scalability, efficiency, adaptability, resiliency, accuracy and the choice of RaaS or CAPEX business model should be considered together when evaluating e-commerce fulfillment automation to fit the specific needs of your fulfillment or distribution center.