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Wade Wickus

Has over 30 years of experience in Supply Chain.  Worked for fortune 50 companies, privately held companies, and as a consultant in the industry. Specialty is Supply Chain Evolution and creating dynamic teams for the best cost to serve outcomes.  Supply Chain Secret Sauce, LLC Specializes in E-commerce. Speaking & Publications 2012 Momentum: Presenter - Manhattan Logistics TMS “Optimizing Your Network”, FL 2018 SCOPE Chicago: Presenter - “Total Cost to Serve – Your Supply Chain”, IL 2019 CSCMP Annual Edge Conference: Presenter – “TMS Made Easy”, CA 2020 PodCast Supply Chains…”The Secret Sauce” for 2021 Published Parcel Magazine


Total Packaging Cost Analysis: “don’t leave money on the package”

The presentation will share the vision of focusing costs on functional action items vs labor. This creates the ability to hone in on what is driving packaging costs and provides a way to have technology solve aspects of your supply chain packaging. Key points include: 1) Box sizes & DIM/WGT relate directly to your packaging carrier costs or negotiation strategy. 2) Shipping materials & dunnage. 3) Using technology to manage costs & scale. 4) Having the right KPIs. 5) Looking at labor or automation through robotics. Creating a business review environment with service providers to assist in cost reduction and understanding your packaging impact analysis will also be addressed.