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Dmitry Antonov

Dmitry Antonov is the VP of Product Management at DHL eCommerce Solutions. He and his team focus on developing and enhancing the U.S. domestic and cross-border product portfolio to provide the best match for needs of the e-commerce sector. Prior to joining DHL eCommerce, Dmitry was an Associate Partner with DHL Consulting leading the global Retail sector practice and specifically focusing on e-commerce and omni-channel model development.


Addressing current market challenges and opportunities and preparing for the new age of e-commerce delivery

The past two years have brought unprecedented changes to e-commerce retail. Explosive growth, changes in consumer needs, ongoing capacity constraint and high levels of uncertainty have stretched e-commerce operations to the limits. In this new market environment, the USPS workshare delivery model has emerged as the main tool offering a great balance of delivery cost, reliability and speed. Looking forward as the market stabilizes – additional investments in areas such as customer experience, automation, data analytics and green solutions are becoming a must to succeed. Learn how DHL eCommerce Solutions is addressing current market challenges and opportunities and preparing itself for the new age of e-commerce delivery.