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Michael Richmond

Mike has been in the e-commerce industry since Doddle launched with some fanfare in the UK in 2014. Although the Doddle business model has evolved significantly since 2014, the company has remained true to the belief that there are enormous efficiencies to be made in both the last mile and in online returns if merchants and parcel carriers are willing to embrace innovation and change, and push consumers to act in a way that benefits the broader e-commerce ecosystem.


Making the last mile more sustainable

Sustainability is the most important theme of our generation, and parcel carriers and postal organizations are spending millions in their efforts to make the final mile more sustainable. But with the incredible growth in e-commerce over the past few years, those organizations are struggling to contain the impact e-commerce is having on greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation takes a look at one significantly overlooked ‘easy-win’ in the sustainability debate and challenges those moving our e-commerce packages to do more.