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Bjorn Moberg

Bjorn is a solution-oriented business leader with over 15 years of experience from cross-border deliveries of small packages direct to worldwide consumers. He has a wide perspective on e-commerce shippers' and their needs after being locally based to support e-commerce shippers in Europe, China, and the US. He has been in the cross-border game since everything was postal cross-border, to being part of the fast shift into alternative last-mile carriers, which has supported the growth in the e-commerce volumes and, in most cases, also improved the delivery journey for consumers around the world. Last year he joined PostPlus, a company devoted to supporting e-commerce shippers with delivery solutions to key e-commerce markets. He’s on a daily hunt for the perfect sustainable last-mile carrier in key e-commerce destinations to improve the delivery experience even further for PostPlus’ customers. Bjorn holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics degree from Stockholm University. Part of his degree included studies conducted locally in Beijing, China, and Palm Beach, the USA


Win the loyalty of the European online consumer.

In 2021, the European e-commerce market grew by 13% to an estimated value of about USD 720 billion. On average, the European online consumer loves to buy cross-border with a highlight on US-based brands; but how can you earn their orders with an increasing number of consumers returning to the physical store, the stronger US-Dollar, the rising inflation, the new European Tax scheme for cross-border, and a stronger focus on suitability?