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Revolutionary ugly freight measurement
Leopard Systems

Since 2020, Leopard Cube has been changing the face of freight management with its unique ability to measure ugly freight and improve the bottom line of its customers. Now the company is bringing Leopard Cube to Package Fulfillment Logistics and Delivery Expo in July 2022 with exciting new updates.

Trying to accurately measure oversized or ugly freight is laborious, time-consuming and expensive, so many businesses rely on estimates and customer-declared measurements instead. Unfortunately, incorrect cubic measurements lead to revenue leakage, safety issues, inefficiencies and a lack of trustworthy freight data. Leopard Cube is changing all of this by innovatively combining the latest rugged mobile scanning computers, a durable measuring tape and a real-time data management system to efficiently capture, store and communicate measurement data of parcels and pallets.

With Leopard Cube, companies can: accurately measure the 5-20% of freight volumes that are non-conveyable and ugly; improve freight measurement efficiency; and dramatically increase their bottom lines by reducing avoidable losses caused by inaccurate measurements and billing. Leopard Systems reports that its customers have found that the solution not only provides real-time revenue protection but that it can save them approximately US$500,000 p.a. due to accurate data on sizing. Leopard Cube also enables customers to offer more competitive rates or dedicated "awkward freight" shipping options.

The Leopard team has also been working hard to extend Leopard Cube to 2 new, revolutionary devices from Zebra Technologies to make this process even more efficient. The WS50 Wearable Computer and the cubic dimensioning TC58 are the first of their kind, for the latest generation, wireless and hands-free approach to data capture and data processing. Both the WS50 and TC58 will prove invaluable for high-volume user sites. Attendees will have the opportunity to view and test Leopard Cube, the WS50 and TC58 to experience firsthand just how quick and easy measuring freight of any size becomes.

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