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Pitch-reducing chutes

EuroSort's next generation of chutes have integrated pitch-reducing technology, which reduces the pitch (or length) of the chutes in tray-based sorters (such as push trays, cross trays, crossbelts, tilt trays, etc) by up to 40%. The SmartChute uses a nearly frictionless door that sits perpendicular to the direction of travel and swings vertically to help guide products into narrower chutes. This technology enables EuroSort to drastically reduce the overall footprint of a shipping sorter without any loss in the accuracy, productivity or throughput that its equipment is known for.

This design is simple, smart and cost-effective, and can enable traditionally large systems to fit into much smaller footprints. This allows retailers, e-commerce companies, postal carriers, first- or final-mile carriers and pharmaceutical companies to introduce sorters in locations previously thought to be too small for unit sorters. It also obviates the need to change location due to a lack of space. As a result, this innovation can have a significant effect on the footprint of tray-based sorters.

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